Welcome to PohakuGalore and all about Quartz Crystals

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PohakuGalore is dedicated to beautiful Quartz Crystals minerals and other wonders of the mineral kingdom.  The ‘Pohaku’ in PohakuGalore is the Hawaiian word for ‘stone’. We chose this name to honor our host culture in the wonderful islands of Hawai’i.

PohakuGalore specializes in beautiful quartz crystals. Many of the first choice very clear quartz crystals come from Arkansas, Brazil, Colombia, Herkimer County (Upstate NY), Madagascar and Namibia. They range from a few inches for your pocket to large display pieces. We have from individual single quartz points to bigger clusters of all sizes.

Other minerals include: amethyst, ammonites (from Madagascar), azurite, meteorites, rose-quartz, pyrite, tourmaline, stone animal fetishes. Come and check out PohakuGalore’s minerals that are among the most beautiful available in the Islands.

If you are interested in our minerals please drop us a line and we will gladly arrange a private viewing.

To contact us please email us.