Manoa Aqua Pura

Manoa Aqua Pura celebrates Earth Day 2018

In honor of Earth Day 2018 our little video Manoa Aqua Pura finally made it on our YouTube channel. Somehow the issue of plastic water bottles seems to be kinda as relevant as it was back then in 2002, so it seemed a fitting date.

Please watch it, like it, share it and help me to reach a wider audience. (And feel free to watch all the other videos, too.)

Manoa Aqua Pura was produced by the ‘one eyed production hui’ as our final project for a media training at ‘Ōlelo Community Media, with a volunteer camera person and volunteer editor. Please keep in mind that back in 2002 you needed a $10-15,000 camera and the $4000 computer (fast enough to run the better than sliced bread thing called ‘iMovie’) to produce a short movie like this one. 16 years later you can do this with your phone, while you’re might (still) be sipping water out of a plastic bottle…

PS: As a personal quest I ‘film’ or ‘make’ videos, because I think there is far too much ‘shooting’ already and if words matter I’d rather try my part…

And as we said in the movie: no animals were drowned in the making of this movie. 100% Vegan too.

Manoa Aqua Pura handmade lable for video