Mealaaloha Bishop

Mealaaloha is a wonderful Hawaiian painter. We wanted to present some of her painting on this website, to give a chance to enjoy them and see for yourself. For more information please visit Meala Bishop MAI Hawaii.

As an oil painter Meala attempts to address the space between, mesh the physical and invisible worlds, honor ways of knowing from the past, and celebrate sense of place. H?lona Point, Koko Head O‘ahu is where she lived as a child. Ka‘alaea, Ko‘olaupoko, O‘ahu is where she spent her life painting her surroundings. Nearby Wai‘ahole is where she fought to restore the water to Hawai‘i streams. Meala remains in this area farming kalo with her family.

Paintings from the Prince Lot Hula Festival, July 2012

Mealaaloha Taro leaves in loi

Taro growing in the lo‘i (2012)

Mealaaloha Moanaloa

Lo‘i (taro patch) in the Monalua Gardens

Meala Bishop MAI Hawaii (Mealaaloha website)