Lemurian Quartz Crystals

Welcome to the Lemurian Crystal page

Most of the requests I get lately are for lemurian crystals. If a picture tells a thousand words, how many can a video with 30 pictures per second tell? Here are some answers in form of a video.

A very clear lemurian quartz crystal from Colombia

Video is the best medium to show great crystals. This is a very clear, for me close to perfect Lemurian Crystal. The three smaller sites are smooth and the three big Sides have very pronounced striation. This beautiful crystal comes from the Peñas Blancas Mine in Colombia. Please make sure you chose HD for the best quality. More videos are posted often on my Instagram account.

Amazingly clear Lemurian crystal

This absolutely clear Muzo habit crystal is also a Lemurian for me. Three sides with very pronounced striations can easily be felt with your fingernail. The other three (smaller) sides are rather smooth, but also have striations if you move them in the light. The smooth sides get very narrow at the point, making it a Muzo habit. The three sides with the pronounced strations have interesting etchings or dots that almost look like bubbles when you look through the crystal. In the video you will notice that the crystal is so clear that sometimes you look through it and see the striations on the other side (or the opposite face). Please make sure you chose HD for the best quality. More videos on my Instagram.

A Lemurian quartz crystal on black background

Trying out something new for this Lemurian quartz crystal: Black background. Let me know what you think. The two major sides with striations come so close together that the third side is a razors edge. It also has a small window at the point. Another glorious clear Peñas Blancas quartz crystal from Colombia.

A different Lemurian crystal

A very funky Lemurian Crystal from Minas Gerais, Brazil. The three smaller sites are smooth, the three big sides have subtle striation. The funky part is the double terminated tabular second Crystal that’s growing at or before the point. The bigger Crystal grew “around” the tabby one.

Peña Blanca quartz crystals are amazingly clear.


This is a very funky Lemurian with striations and music for a change. If your break or cut the tip off, you have a very nice crystal. But there is much more to it. It is a bridge Crystal growing through a much larger point, that broke off in geological times and self-healed. There are actually quite a few crystals growing in the bottom into each other. Plus the little single one as a bonus. This is an excellent example for me, of what happens if the Crystal is left is found, and not cut or polished. It may not win a beauty contest, but it sure is funky and unique.Bottoms also self-healed. All natural, no part of the points are polished.