More about PohakuGalore’s Beautiful Crystals and Minerals

My passions, and my favorite stones, are quartz crystals. Quartz is abundant on our planet. Almost every place I visited does have quartz crystals.

No quartz crystal is alike another and the possibilities and variations are endless. Kind of like humans, who mostly, if they are lucky enough, have two legs, two arms and a head, but besides that, that’s where the similarities start to differ.

I try finding beautiful and unusual crystal and minerals, which I would like to add to my own collection. My art, or my craft is that all minerals, but especially the quartz crystals, I sell, I chose individually.

I know from experience, that when buying a crystal it is important for me to look at it, picking it up and feeling it. Often I put it down again, to browse at everything else, and then possibly revisit it, before I might buy anything. My favorite way of selling crystals is in personal interaction, where people can come to my booth or table, and physically look at the stones.

For years have been unsure if selling crystals over the Internet is viable, since I think it is hard to pick a crystal on a screen. With the advances of digital photography, especially video it becomes easier.