Quartz Crystal videos by PohakuGalore

Video is a great way to show the beauty of these amazing quartz crystals, that goes way beyond the confinement of digital photography.

With a 360 degree possibility of video, showing all sides and aspects of a crystal is much easier. As the video collection grows, we will add them here as well.

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Window Quartz Crystal

This is the largest window on any of my crystals in my collection. A window is a diamond shaped additional face on a the crystal. This quartz crystal is from the Swiss Alps and bought directly from the miner it has been in my collection for a long time. The wild inclusions make it even more amazing.

Elestial double terminated smoky quartz crystals cluster

This amazing V shaped cluster of all double terminated smoky quartzes: Is it one or two main elestial crystals or a conglomerate of interconnected double terminated individual crystals? Or is it just simply: wow, anything is possible with crystals (especially elestials).

Giant single smoky quartz double terminated crystal

Waving my magic wand. This is an irresistible crystal and the reason why we go to Tucson. One of a kind. Brazilian double terminated smoky quartz with contact point on one end to put the thumb in to it to hold it better. A bit to big to fit on the video screen with the extended arm. Make sure you select HD for best quality.

Totally clear quartz crystal from Colombia

A very clear peñas blancas crystal. Playing with different light and backgrounds during the morning. Filmed shortly right after sunrise, during golden hour and an hour later.